Reconnect Solar offers animal guard installation to protect your solar panels from damage caused by birds, rodents, and other critters
Pesky animals chewing through your solar system's wiring? Reconnect Solar is here to help!
Reconnect Solar offers animal guard installation to protect your solar panels from damage caused by birds, rodents, and other critters

Prevent Bird, Squirrel & Rodent Related Damage to your Solar System

Are squirrels, pigeons, rodents, or other animals causing damage to your solar panels? Squirrels and other rodents will chew through vital wires and bring your entire system to a screeching hault. Pigeons and other birds nesting under solar panels can wreak havoc on the cleanliness of your roof and yard. Whether you’re already facing these issues or motivated to prevent them, Reconnect Solar will address your unique maintenance needs. In addition to our cleanup and wire repair services, we can install our custom Animal Guard around the perimeter of your solar array to prevent further attack.

Solar Panel Animal Guard Installation

Ever wonder how to get rid of pigeons nesting under your solar panels? Want to guard your solar system from squirrels and other pests? Protect your solar panels from animal damage and prevent further issues with our custom Animal Guard! Keep your solar system healthy and running efficiently.


Installing Reconnect’s custom Animal Guard is the best solution for repelling unwanted guests. Never deal with birds roosting under your solar array again! Our custom method for installing the Animal Guard eliminates the need for drilling into panel frames or your roof – this maintains your solar panel warranty and the waterproof integrity of your roof. Durable yet aesthetic, our Animal Guards are the best solution to keep squirrels, pigeons, and other wildlife from damaging your system.

Solar System Animal Damage Repair &

Whether your system and roof needs a professional clean-up due to bird droppings and nests or rewiring due to squirrels, Reconnect Solar will restore your solar system to it’s original state.


Rooftop solar panels provide a comfortable nesting spot for wildlife. Unfortunately, these animals compromise the efficiency of the system and will make a mess of your roof and gutters. Birds nesting under your solar panels cause a mess, damaging the integrity of your roof. Your solar system can easily malfunction from squirrels chewing the electrical wires – a costly electrical hazard! We recommend being proactive: stop the problem before it starts by calling Reconnect Solar today.

How can I prevent birds from congregating and nesting under my solar panels?

The most efficient way to prevent unwanted attention from birds and other pests is to install Reconnect Solar’s custom Animal Guard. The low-impact installation and durability of the Animal Guard will keep your solar panels free and clear of all damage or inconvenience caused by pigeons, squirrels, and other critters.

My inverter is flashing an error code. Could squirrels or other rodents be to blame?

Yes! Squirrels love to chew anything and everything, and electrical wires are no exception. If your solar system is experiencing electrical issues, squirrels are the likely culprits. Contact Reconnect today – we’ll replace any damaged parts and get your system back up and running.

I’ve noticed pigeons and/or squirrels in the neighborhood but not under my solar panels. Should I be concerned?

Yes. From our experience, it is only a matter of time before your solar array will have unwanted pests nesting beneath the solar modules. Soon enough birds will be roosting, squirrels will be chewing through wires – and all the critters will be leaving a mess behind! It’s best to proactively protect your solar investment before animals cause costly damage or a mess. Contact us today to get started installing your custom Animal Guard!

A common problem: birds and other animals may nest under your solar panels, possibly damaging your solar system