Reconnect Solar's technicians are trained to diagnose and fix problems with your solar system

Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation

Whether you’re reroofing due to an outdated roof or weather-related damage like hail, Reconnect Solar is your solution to remove and reinstall your solar system.


Solar Panels & Inverter – Inspection & Troubleshooting

Curious about the health of your solar system? Is your PV system not performing as expected? We can conduct an in depth analysis of the solar system and inverter to make sure they are operating as expected.


Solar Panel Snowguard installation by Reconnect Solar

Solar Panel Snowguards Protect Your Property

Here in Colorado especially, snow accumulation on your solar panels can be a safety hazard to yourself and your property. Reconnect Solar will install custom snowguards designed to keep your property, pets, and house guests safe all season long.


Need help repairing or maintaining your solar panels? Reconnect Solar is here to help!

Colorado’s Go-To Solar System Contractors

Reconnect has teams of professionals waiting to assist larger solar system installation firms with any solar-specific task. Our labor force is comprised of highly qualified individuals with years of field experience installing and maintaining a variety of photovoltaic solar systems.