Reconnect Solar's team of dedicated solar system professionals will identify and fix any problems with your solar panels
Reconnect Solar technician troubleshoots repairs and maintenance to a client's solar panel array
Solar panel testing & troubleshooting equipment

Maintaining your solar panels and system for maximum sustainability

Is your electricity bill higher than it has been in the past? Do you need someone to perform inverter maintenance, but the warranty is expired? Reconnect Solar will perform an in-depth solar system inspection to help troubleshoot or tune your system, regardless of the system’s physical state or warranty status. Our expert team has years of hands-on experience and will swiftly and professionally diagnose your system’s needs. We’ll work with you to identify new technologies that will enhance and optimize your system for increased output and efficiency. Did your solar system installer go out of business? Reconnect Solar will work with your solar system as if it were our own!

Solar System Troubleshooting & Repairs

Time and animal related damage will gradually degrade the quality of your solar power system, leading to increased electricity bills and environmental impact. Keep your solar system operating with maximum efficiency with a system diagnostic exam from Reconnect Solar. We’ll evaluate each unique component of your solar system for efficacy. Whether you need inverter replacement or repair, replacement of damaged wires, or an appraisal of your rooftop panels, we can do it all! Call Reconnect Solar today to schedule your next maintenance appointment.

Installers or Manufacturers Out of Business

As the residential solar power industry has grown and evolved over the last decade, numerous solar panel installers have gone out of business. This has left many homeowners with outdated systems and inverters technically still under warranty, but without anyone to call for maintenance. Reconnect Solar is ready to become your solar system partner! We’ll work with any Photovoltaic Solar Power System for cleanup, maintenance, and repairs.

My electricity bill seems higher than usual, is my solar system not performing due to an equipment failure?

There could be a number of reasons why your solar system is not performing. No matter what the cause is of your high electric bill, Reconnect Solar will work with you to troubleshoot and resolve any issues so your solar system can continue to spin your meter backwards.

The company that originally installed my solar panels went out of business. Who can I turn to when I need service or repair work?

Turn to Reconnect Solar for all of your solar panel maintenance and repair needs. We specialize in solar system removal, repair, and reinstallation. Even if the company that installed your solar panels no longer exists, our team of professionals is happy to provide you with our services. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you!

Need help repairing or maintaining your solar panels? Reconnect Solar is here to help!