Solar System Maintenance and Reinstallation

Stress-Free Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation

Whether you’re replacing or repairing your roof because of hail damage or old age, ensure your solar panels are properly removed and reinstalled. Reconnect Solar will reduce the stress of roof repairs by coordinating directly with your roofer during the solar panel removal and reinstallation process.

Solar Panel Removal

Reconnect Solar offers timely and hassle-free solar system removal for any reroofing project. We’ll work directly with your roofing company to ensure the solar panel removal process goes as smoothly as possible. Prior to removing solar panels, we’ll conduct a solar system performance analysis to make sure your system is performing as expected. We will assess what is needed for the reinstallation to ensure an efficient reinstall and limit the time your system is down.

Solar System Reinstallation

After your roofing project has been completed, we’ll work directly with your roofing company to reinstall your solar power system. We will reinstall your system to the original roof location with up-to-date install techniques to ensure minimal service needs. We will always be transparent about your system’s performance to avoid any surprises.

How quickly can Reconnect Solar remove my solar system?

If you need your solar system removal to be quick and easy, trust Reconnect Solar to get the job done. Removing solar panels from your roof is a relatively quick project. Our team typically completes a solar panel removal project between a half and a full day’s time, depending on the size and scope of each individual system.

How quickly will my solar panels be reinstalled?

We will begin the solar reinstallation after the roof passes final inspection. Usually, reinstalling solar panels takes a bit longer than removing them. You can expect your solar panels to be reinstalled anywhere between two and three days after we begin.

Should I worry about coordinating the roofing company and Reconnect Solar?

Absolutely not! As part of our commitment to our customers, Reconnect coordinates directly with your roofing company during the removal and reinstallation of your solar system. We take the stress of being the middle-man out of the equation! If you’re unsure of which local roofer to choose, we’ll provide recommendations for trusted roofing companies we’ve worked with in the past.

Reconnect Solar's technicians are trained to diagnose and fix problems with your solar system