Solar Panel Snowguard installation by Reconnect Solar
Solar Panel Snow Guard installed by Reconnect Solar

Protect Against Sudden and Dangerous Snow Slides with Custom Designed Snow Guards

Solar Panels and Colorado Snow Accumulation

Here in Colorado especially, snow accumulation on your solar panels can be a safety hazard to yourself and your property. Uninhibited snow will accumulate on your angled panels and can release in a large avalanche off your roof onto your porch or vehicle. Reconnect Solar will install custom solar panel snow guards designed to keep your property, pets, and house guests safe all season long. This unique snow guard technology is engineered to fasten directly to the solar panel module, making for a seamless solution for solar system owners.

How Will Snow guards Look on my House?

Concerned about how snow will affect your solar panels and ready to implement a solution? Adding snow guards to your photovoltaic solar system has zero impact on the appearance of your home, while protecting your property from potentially harmful sudden “avalanches” releasing from your solar panels. Reconnect Solar implements snow guards designed to secure directly to your solar panels. Combine snow guards with animal prevention screens to guarantee your rooftop system’s sustainability year round!

Have you noticed large releases of snow onto your property and are you worried about property damage?

Reconnect Solar will install an Alpine Snow Guard. This is the only engineered snow guard that is designed to attach directly to your solar array.

How exactly does the snow guard prevent large snow buildups and slides?

Alpine snow guards are designed to prevent large snow slabs from releasing off your panels. After a heavy snowfall, the snow guard acts as an anchor point and will allow for the snow to melt off your panels instead of sliding.

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